Sunday, 12 June 2011

Furniture Assembly

If you required your furniture assembled we can provide this service within the Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire and Merseyside areas.
Just contact either Tom or David to discuss the items you wish purchase from us and require to have assembled. We normally build the items before we deliver apart from wardrobes and beds which we assemble in the room. Our prices are very competive and we only charge for the time and travel expense. We do only assemble our own furniture and don't provide a service for other retailers.
Please call us on 0161 839 5534
Payless Furniture

Contact Tom.
For extra low prices within the Rainford, St Helens, Skelmersdale, Ormskirk, Parbold, Lathom and nearby districts.

Contact David
For extra low prices within the Altrincham, Stockport, Sale, Wilmslow, Handforth, Wythenshawe and nearby districts.

Assembly of Corona 4 door wardrobe

Here we give you a brief look at how simple it is to assemble a large Corona 4 door wardrobe. There are not many retailers supplying this wardrobe. We are a specialist in both the supply and assembly of this robe and can easily show you how its done. This is part of the Corona Bedroom Furniture Range.

First you need plenty of floor space as it needs to be built on its back. 2.5 metre square at the very least. You start with the 2 sides and the 2 centre divides and attach the top ensuring you have identified the correct pieces and that they are the correct way round. It helps to fit the hanging rail brackets on when doing this. Once you have screwed all the sides to the top section you then need to screw the large and small shelves into place at this stage.

The bottom section then needs to be attached next and screwed completely ready for the front sections to be attached.

Make sure you attached the front sections the correct way round and the right way up. The 2 end ones have small marks were the hinges will fit and dowel holes at the bottom only. The mid one does not have any dowel holes so you have to compare with the hinge marks against the others. Then screw the bottom center foot on. Drill your own small hole through the base first.

You are now ready to screw the bottom plinth on which is a straight forward job. The holes are already there for the screws to go through from the inside of the panels.

You can now stand the wardrobe up and assemble the top section and fit into place. This is the held by two screws from the inside.

The 4 plywood back panels now just need pinning on with the small nails provided.

The 3 small shelves on the left are loose and can now be fitted. They just rest on the lugs and can be adjusted.

Hanging rails can be placed inside and sprung door catches fitted. Attach hinges and door catch clips to door first. Slip a small piece of cardboard under the door before fitting and just put a few screws in then check door operation in case you need to move it slightly.

Once all doors seem level and close correctly finish of fitting the rest of the hinge screws and fit the two black caps to the bottom of the front plinth, one on each side.

Please use the instructions that come with the wardrobe and study carefully to assist in fitting the robe and identifying the components. The instructions may differ from the way I have shown here. This is just my preferred way of assembly.

You can always contact Tom or David on 0161 839 5534 if you would like us to assemble this or any other item of our furniture for you. We can only provide this service within the Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire areas at a very competitive price.